María is the head of our team, her Foresight, Adaptability, Creativity, Persistence, and Passion has catapulted our firm to be a leader in our industry. She is a visionary at heart with a Can-Do Attitude.

A leader who has built a brand that provides security to our clients, with the certainty that the product they will receive has the Target Promotions seal of quality.
Greisy is a fundamental part of the team, she has a direct relationship with clients to understand their needs, she is directly involved in overseeing the quality of production, and she is a genius when it comes to talking about numbers, she loves reading, especially poetry.
Gloria is our VP of sales for Latin American Markets, she provides effective solutions to the needs of each client, understanding their needs with a personalized treatment.
Esteban adds a touch of creativity to our company, materializing the ideas that arise in each project. He likes to create collectible items from scratch that will have a great impact on the final consumer, a fan of drawing and animation.