Since 1992 we have consolidated a reputation for our creativity, experience and quality control in our products, which makes us a very competitive option to meet the needs of the upcoming promotions for the next Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Crystal glasses will always be one of the best options to activate a promotion in this soccer season, consumers will always see them as a high value object, especially if they can be decorated in a striking way.

This sport bag could be a high value promotion since the consumer would use it as a bag to go to the gym, or attend a sporting event with enough space to store their things, we can also personalize each participating country in the world cup with distinctive graphics.

We offer each market the possibility of customizing their own designs in each promotion, glasses are very attractive to consumers given the perception of value and after-sales utility. Let’s create together the designs that will lead your franchise to a guaranteed increase in sales.

T-shirts and string-bags can be delivered to restaurants as a gift, creating an emblem that groups the promotion like team BK.

We will give away balls number 5, with attractive designs for each country, this will help to complement the promotion, they can be delivered through contests for consumers.

We will also be giving away 5 PS5s and video games related to football to finish completing the promotions in each market, thus predicting an increase in traffic from consumers. Who would not want a kit of these for their home in theWorld Cup season?