We have designed an amazing product so that you can enhance your Burger King experience. This tray can give you the comfort of eating inside your car or taking your meals anywhere you want in the coolest way.

Insert the holders into the slot in your window, starting on the left side, then moving towards the center, and place your products.

You have enough space for a 32 oz drink, a flat area to place your favorite sandwiches, and a comfortable space to place your fries.

Last but not least, your favorite sauce to accompany your meal, this experience will be unique, in the best style of the king.

You will be able to carry your favorite products inside the car, just by placing them in the slot of your window, the tray is made of a resistant material, it has enough space to load a complete BK combo, with a 32 oz drink. What are you waiting for?

Each market will be able to tie the tray promotion to an even larger promotion, thus achieving new consumer visits, increasing traffic and sales in each franchise. This is an example of how they could achieve it, placing advertising on the base from the tray once it is delivered.